Your November Bridal Horoscope

bridal horoscope

Hey, planning is a lot of work. Why not get help from wherever you can, including the stars? Suzan Hayden, one of our top astrologers, has some planning advice for you, no matter what your sign. Need more planning help? Check out our Wedding Resource Guide.

Aries Bride To Be
Until the 11th you’ll be more social, but from the 11th through May you’ll be more active working in order to make more money or improving your health regime to make your future hubby happy. You can enjoy travels this month or benefit from legal matters or feel more spiritual. For a better part of the next 2 months your mind is on optimistic thoughts and talks about beliefs, travel, education and legal matters. In fact, since mid September you’ve been feeling more spiritual, studious, want to travel or dealing with legal matters.
Taurus Bride To Be
November seems to be a great month for you and your honey to build business/joint finances or have more private sexual moments. Your mind is obsessing on money and sex for the next 2 months, so try to share your concerns with your honey. From midmonth through May you’ll be more active socially or trying to improve investments or even trying to make a baby. It should be a wonderful time for both of you. Since mid September you’ve been trying to be optimistic about business/joint finances.
Gemini Bride To Be
For the month of November you’ll feel your most romantic with your husband to be. You’ll have more talks with your honey over the next 2 months, but make extra sure you don’t say anything to your honey that you may regret. Midmonth through May Mars will be active involving your home or real estate. You find yourself more active dealing with real estate trying to find your ideal lovenest for you and your honey. Watchout for fights with family during this time.
Cancer Bride To Be
In the past month and half and all of this month you’re focused on coworkers and working overtime, as well as, improving your health regime. It’s an ideal thing to begin your marriage on by improving your health regime. Your future hubby will appreciate it. You’re working extra hard for the next 2 months, so make a point to rest when you can. Otherwise, you can run yourself down if you haven’t been keeping up with your health regime. From midmonth through May you’ll be speaking out more then usual,so take extra care not to lash out at others.
Leo Bride To Be
For most of November you’ll be focused on keeping control of family issues. Your mind is on your social life and kids for the next 2 months, so make extra sure if you don’t want to get pregnant right away then take extra precautions. All month you’re enjoying your social life with your honey. From midmonth through May you’ll be spending lots of money whether you want to or not, so hopefully you and your hubby to be have a big nest egg.
Virgo Bride To Be
In the next 2 months you’ll be having more optimistic conversations with family or about real estate. Make sure you watchout what you say to family for it can create a permanent rift between you two. At least this month family members are more supportive and more socializing is going on at home. From midmonth through May Mars will be in your 1st house. The challenge is that you’ll be uncompromising which is not a good idea before you get married. Work on compromise with your future hubby.
Libra Bride To Be
In November and for the next few months it will seem like communications are coming and going so fast you feel you’re losing your mind. At least this month you’ll be more charming in communications with others, so enjoy it while it lasts. From midmonth through May you’ll be doing things behind the scenes in order to avoid confrontation. You may want to steal some quiet and loving times with your future hubby before it gets too hectic.
Scorpio Bride To Be
For the next 2 months you and your future hubby are thinking about ways to improve your finances. Take extra care that you don’t spend too much now since money seems to be flowing in most of the month. In the past 2 1/2 months you’ve been optimistically focused on ways to make more money. Also until May you’ll be actively pursuing your goals and getting your active friends together. On the 11th you’ll take a timeout to focus all your love and affection on your future hubby.
Sagittarius Bride To Be
November you seem to be drawing all sorts of people who wants to be around you and you’re chatting up a storm. From midmonth through May Mars will be in Virgo in your 10th house. You want to have more of a leadership position in your career, but make sure you don’t bully your way to the top. You want to have a secure beginning to your marriage, so that’s why you’re so active in your career. Tune more into your future hubby’s feelings, so he won’t feel neglected.
Capricorn Bride To Be
Though you’re still working hard to build your sense of a stronger security for the future you seem to be finding plenty of time to be alone with your honey to share loving times and private moments. Trust your intuition for the next few months. Take time to listen more now. For the next 5 months you’ll be more spiritual, dealing with people at a distance and travels along with legal matters. In the past 2 1/2 months you spent alot of quiet time with your honey to recharge your spirits.
Aquarius Bride To Be
November is great for chatting with friends or talking about your goals and socializing with friends with your future hubby. You should have a great month. Midmonth Mars moves into Virgo in your 8th house until May, so you’ll be more active building up business/joint finances and talking more about sex with your honey, as well as, experiencing major endings and new beginnins. In the past 2 1/2 months you were focused on your optimistic goals and feeling great about you and your honey’s friends.
Pisces Bride To Be
While you’re daydreaming about your future goals, this month you’re putting more time into working more in order to be prepared for your future marriage on secure footing. Money seems to be pouring in this month, so ejoy. Mars moves into Virgo in your 7th house until May, so you’ll be more logical and assertive with your future honey. Just make sure you don’t get too bossy with him. You’ll be more charming to him for a few days leading to the 11th.

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