Wedding Giveaway: Be the Man

cover of groom guide book

Grooms have become more and more involved in the wedding planning process, but most wedding books and even blogs are written for the bride. The Man Registry is one of the few wedding sites devoted to grooms and their role in the wedding planning process. Founder Chris Easter brings his extensive knowledge of weddings and grooms to his new book, Be the Man.

Be the Man brings Chris’s trademark humor and common sense to every step of the wedding planning process from engagement ring shopping to the honeymoon. It’s a perfect intro to wedding planning for anyone, male or female, who didn’t grow up making Barbie practice throwing the bouquet. Interspersed with basic information are stories from real grooms and special “man up” and “man down” markers to warn you of places where a guy runs the risk of pissing off the bride.

We have two copies of this fun and helpful book to give away and you have three ways to enter, each way gives you an additional entry.

1. Leave a comment below telling us why you, or a guy you know, really needs this book. Let us feel your pain.
2. For an additional chance to enter Tweet us @gigmasters with a link to this post and the message “Groom in Danger! I need Be the Man!”
3. For a third chance, post a message on our Facebook page explaining why you, or a guy you know, needs this book.

One winner will be chosen at random, and one will be chosen based purely on pity. Seriously, the more you need this book, the more we want to give it to you!

Both winners will be chosen Friday at noon Eastern Time. Check here, Facebook and Twitter for the winners!

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