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White Christmas, White Wedding

I can’t help it, I’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas. Maybe it’s because white, always an important wedding color has become THE wedding trend of the year. First there was Pippa Middleton’s white Maid-of-Honor dress, then Kim Kardashian’s instructions that guests should wear white to her ill-fated wedding, then the Knot declared White as one of the top luxury trends of the year. For this week’s wrap up, let’s take a look at what sort of inspiration brides and designers are using for white weddings. Read more…

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Is The Black Wedding Dress Trend Real?

bride gets her ring tattooed on

This week our Real Wedding featured a bride in not just a black wedding dress, but an unusual one at that. The rise of the black wedding dress has been talked about since Sarah Jessica Parker chose one for her 1997 wedding to Matthew Broderick (a choice she still regrets, the dress, not the groom). You can see tons of examples of black wedding dresses in dress galleries, and Vera Wang made a stir with her all black collection this year, but are we actually seeing black dresses in real weddings? Even the “real” weddings on wedding blogs? For this week’s wedding wrap up, we took a tour of blogs in search of black wedding dresses. Read more…

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Thanksgiving Wedding Inspiration

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thanks to the extra long weekend, Thanksgiving is a popular wedding weekend, check out some of the Thanksgiving inspiration we found around the web. For more thoughts on holiday weddings, check out this week’s post about the Dos and Don’ts of having a holiday wedding and for more Thanksgiving inspiration, check out Anders Ruff’s guest post on our sister blog, Life of the Party. Read more…

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True Love vs Nature & the Kardashians

dunkin donuts wedding

Usually on Fridays we do a wrap up of gorgeous or interesting weddings or wedding ideas from around the web. But this week, two stories really caught my eye, and my heart. In Connecticut, a couple without power after last week’s storms went over to the local high school/warming station to warm up. Instead, they wound up having a surprise wedding! The high school cafeteria baked a wedding cake for them, and their local state representative (also a Justice of the Peace) performed the wedding.  Read more…