Destination Wedding: Cabo, Mexico

Personalizing your wedding day is always important. That’s why Katie and Zac, who both love to travel, chose a destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for their celebration. The couple exchanged nuptials in an open chapel, then the wedding party traveled to the delightful restaurant Mi Casa. Finally, the day ended at Javier’s restaurant where the palm trees were garnished with lovely notes written to the couple. Katy Hall Photography beautifully captured all of Katie’s personal touches that were seen throughout the different wedding locations. Read more…


Elvis Weddings

Today is Elvis’s birthday. Last year over 100 couples used GigMasters to book Elvis for a wedding related event, and every year a large number of people who take our wedding song survey say “Love Me Tender” will be their song for a first dance. Elvis and weddings just go hand in hand. So, we thought we’d look at some of our favorite Elvis weddings. Read more…

groom's flower made from music sheets

BrideTide’s Top 100 Blogs: the Offbeat

To celebrate being named on BrideTide’s Top 100 Wedding Blogs we’ve been taking a look at some of the other blogs on the list. This week we’re looking at those on the list who have a little different take on weddings, the offbeat bridal blogs. We’ve got a photo and a typical post from each to give you a sense of how different “different” can be. The photos aren’t necessarily from the posts mentioned. Read more…

bride in red cowboy boots dances during wedding ceremony

A Bride with Cancer Tells Her Story

bride in red cowboy boots dances during wedding ceremony

I predict that this week’s real wedding will knock you out. Not because Kim the bride is beautiful (of course she is) or the wedding entertainment is unusual and exciting (which, it is) but because of the story. It is not that Kim has terminal cancer, it’s the way she lives her life that will touch you. This is a story that will inspire you to make your wedding as meaningful to you as you can. I could never tell the story as well as Kim does, so I’ll let her do it: Read more…

royal wedding april fool groupon

Best April Fool’s Day Pranks for the Engaged

royal wedding april fool groupon

If you’re not getting married this Sunday (April 1st) you may feel you’ve missed the boat on including April Fool’s Day in your wedding. Never fear, there are plenty of ways to involve the fun day in your wedding.  First though, a warning – under no circumstances should you joke to your fiancée or anyone else that the wedding is off. Tensions run high when you’re planning a wedding and you do not want to risk what might happen if you pretend to call it off (do you really want to hear the sigh of relief your mom gives when she thinks the wedding is off?) Instead, consider one of these risk free ideas. Read more…