December Bridal Horoscope

bridal horoscope

Every month one of our favorite astrologers, GigMasters’ member Suzan Hayden helps brides out with a look at what the stars have in store for them as they do their wedding planning. Here are Suzan’s thoughts for this month.

Pisces Bride To Be
While you’ve been daydreaming about your future with your soon to be hubby, communications in your career have been come fast and furious which has lead to feeling overwhelmed and wanting some time alone to balance your feelings. Watchout for arguments with your honey, so after midmonth you’ll be able to handle the various and detailed thoughts of your future hubby. For the first 3 weeks this month you’ll be socializing with friends. It’s emotionally satisfying for you. It can diffuse potential arguments with your future hubby.

Aries Bride To Be
Talks or thoughts about travel, education or legal matters have been creating challenges with your coworkers or health. Don’t worry since about midmonth on you’ll be able to take on the various details about health or taking the lead with coworkers will become a lot easier to absorb. Try not to work too hard or too much since it might upset your health. The good news is finances are increasing for most of the month, so you can be secure knowing you and your hubby’s future nest egg is becoming more secure.

Taurus Bride To Be
It’s a great time for a trip or to benefit through legal matters now. However you’re obsessing on business/joint finances and all the details involved in having kids or investments. After midmonth communication problems or irritations will begin to ease off and you’ll be able to ease into understanding the details about children or investments. At the beginning of the month you’re focused on various ways you and your honey can improve your financial situation.
Gemini Bride To Be
Communications have been overwhelming for the last 2 months which is causing arguments with you and your future hubby about your future home or with family members. Try to see the big picture with your future honey and be more optimistic. However, all the various details about real estate or the wide variety of personalities in future family members it has bee na stressful time. Don’t worry since after midmonth things will become a lot easier in getting to know new inlaws or understand real estate matters. Enjoy the majority of the month by increasing business/joint finances or having more sex.
Cancer Bride To Be
Up until the 10th you’ll be keeping your feelings and thoughts to yourself. Try not to be so sensitive, but do take time alone to logically think out potential hurt feelings. The end of the month you’ll be more nurturing and supportive with your future husband. You’re busy working extra hard to make more money, but it has been putting a chip on your shoulder the last 2 months. Until June you’ll be more verbal or dealing with arguments. It may help to journal your feelings, so you calmly and clearly express your feelings to others.
Leo Bride To Be
It’s hard to focus on kids, your social life or investments with potential arguments about having enough money to have children or to improve investments. You’re optimistic and see the big picture when it comes to kids or investments,but so many bills are on your plate until June you may find yourself stressed about it. For the first 3 weeks this month you’ll be working overtime to make more money to pay those bills. The end of the month for a month you’ll find time to be more romantic with your honey, but reality is you need to pay your bills.
Virgo Bride To Be
Communications with family or about real estate have you seeing the big picture down the road, but you’re not getting your way with that unless you stand your ground. You’re not in a compromising mood through June, so if you can find time to avoid arguments with everyone including your future hubby it would prove less stressful. For the first 3 weeks this month you’ll enjoy socializing with friends, but by the end of the month you’re focused on working more to make more money for the security of your future marriage.
Libra Bride To Be
You start off this month socializing more with family or putting more money into home improvements, so you can begin your marriage on secure footing. By the end of the month you’ll be socializing more with friends. It has been challenging mentally with so many potentially new ideas running around your head and others being aggressively verbal with you. When conversations get too intense go isolate yourself for a bit, so you don’t say something you may regret. Avoid confrontations by doing things behind the scenes.
Scorpio Bride To Be
It’s hard to be optimistic about finances when your goals require are so detailed and involved you feel you’ll never get things accomplished. Don’t worry since that will start to improve and be less irritating after midmonth. Not saying you won’t have to focus on details to pursue your goals, but it will seem easier to focus on the details. Be honest about expressing the truth when it comes to values and your future hubby. Be honest from the beginning. No sweat for the first 3 weeks since you’ll be more charming then ever with everyone. From the fourth week on family will be more loving and supportive.
Sagittarius Bride To Be
Later in the month you’ll be able to put more energy into improving your health regime, so you can be healthy and vital for the beginning of your marriage. Coworkers are being more supportive which helps you build up your nest egg for your future marriage. You’re finding it hard to be optimistic and see the big picture when there are so many details involved in your career. You may be taking on the lead more there which increases your pay, but remember it will help you and your future hubby be more secure in your marriage.
Capricorn Bride To Be
It may seem like you’re always taking on more work in your career to make sure your future marriage is secure. After the 14th do yourself a favor and speak the truth to others. For the past 6 weeks you should have been doing a lot of listening, so trust your intuition. Also it will seem like you’re attracting everyone around you through most of the month. Then finances will be pouring in for a change. You’re putting a lot of energy into spirituality, education, travel and legal matters through June. Late this month you’ll get abundently more support from your honey.

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